Where Do Hamsters Live ?

Small and cute souls with four fingers on the front paws and five fingers on the back paws are good climbers. Where do hamsters live ? Because of these features, the most important consideration during hamster care is their ability to be confined in the closed area. It is difficult to keep these cute things under control at home, both small, very mobile and very good climbers. They will immediately exploit a possible tiny void and escape. Open door cheeky, these cute souls have no other harm or difficulty in maintenance.

Where Do Hamsters Live in The Wild ?

Where are hamsters native to ? Hamster is a rodent living in the desert. Cute, easy to handle and easy to look at, but because it is a rodent has a biting motive. Even if it smells of food in the hand, it can touch your hand with the female. One of the common features of rodents; teeth constantly prolong. For this reason, the gnawing stones and gnawing branches that will erode the teeth should always be in the cage.

The hamster natural habitat is agriculture. Hamsters live in farmland or steppes in Europe and West Asia. The nests excavated underground are quite complex. The interiors of the nests were established as crisis centers, and rooms with grass-covered floors and warehouses where winter food was stored were created. In general, hamsters that feed on fruits, vegetables and cereals can sometimes damage farmland.

Where Do Hamsters Live Outside Of Pet Stores

Except for their way of life in nature, domestic hamsters live in cages. Aquariums can be preferred for these animals, albeit rare. Sawdust sprinkled at the bottom of the cage should be replaced frequently. Because hamsters are animals who love cleanliness and do not like moisture. For the comfort and survival of hamsters, the feeder and drinker made specifically for domestic hamsters should be placed in a closed compartment and a ferris wheel cage.

Hamsters do not drink water from ordinary containers and do not eat. Because they need to be alone, it is essential that there is a closed area inside the cage. The Ferris wheel provides an environment where they can spend their extra energy and have fun. Hamsters can be fed with ready foods such as nuts and peanuts. Dental structures and digestive systems are suitable for this type of food, they like to eat. However, since uniform nutrition is not correct, it is sometimes correct to eat vegetables and fruits. The hamsters, who are not hungry at the moment, eat the food they store when they want to, after storing the food given to them.

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