when do kittens open their eyes ?

When do kittens open their eyes? Newborn kittens cannot see when they are born because their eyes are closed. They are born with only three sensory organs . Cats aren’t born blind or deaf, they just need time because they don’t develop their sight and hearing. Cats can’t see or hear when they’re born, but they can smell their mother and feed . For kittens who are motherless, their chances of survival are very low.

There are some basics to be considered in the opening period of the eyes, one of them is cleaning. The kittens should always be clean when opening their eyes, and if they have a mother, they will clean by licking their kitten, but if the kitten does not have a mother, you should do so. The second point to consider is light. Kittens with newly opened eyes should not be exposed to much light. This is due to the fact that the pupil’s diminishing function in newly opened eyes is not fully developed. When there is too much light, the pupil is not dimmed and the kitten becomes uncomfortable due to excessive light.

when do baby kittens open their eyes

When do kittens open their eyes ,some cats ‘ eyes can be opened on the seventh day when they are a week old, and some cats need 2 weeks. Kittens may see better when they are three weeks old.  They want to play games as cats ‘ eyesight improves. The first three weeks cats have the same eye colour and by the fourth week their eye colour changes.

If cats had their eyes open when they were born , they could have had eye diseases and died. For cats born with an open eye, the light would be uncomfortable. Cats could have hurt their own eyes with their nails as they don’t know themselves yet

There are many factors that affect the opening of the eyes. So if the kitten lives in a dark place, his eyes will open more quickly. If the newborn kitten is surrounded by bright light, its eyes can be opened a little later. The eyes at the moment of opening can also affect the genetic predisposition derived from the parents and the age of the mother.

The best food for newborn offspring-breast milk. With it, they become immune to many diseases. It also ensures proper weight gain as children grow older. On average, the kitten weighs 80-100 grams at birth. The normal increase in human milk is about 10-15 grams per day. You can read our article about “newborn kiten care “.

Kitten Teething

First teeth of little cats 4.Weeks, up to this point, animals can only detect liquid foods such as milk. It should be remembered that their birth, digestion and excretory system do not work in practice – in order to promote urination and defecation in children, the cat licks their stomachs after each feeding. And only when the Cubs open their eyes will they be able to cope with these processes on their own. If the mother left the kitten, the newborn kitten must have a soft moist and warm cloth in its stomach to run the bowel after feeding.

For the healthy and well-developed of pets, deworming is essential. It is usually performed in the third week of life. In the following weeks, it is necessary to check the condition of the kitten’s internal organs, the presence of other parasites. The vet will tell you not only how many days the Cubs have opened their eyes, but will also make the necessary vaccinations.

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