What you need to know about Flea Medicine

What are fleas health effects? Bedbugs do not transmit disease to humans. Bites on the skin are the first indication of the presence of bedbugs in a home. The arms are usually the most affected limbs, but all parts of the body exposed during sleep can be bitten by bedbugs.

The bites or lesions resemble those of mosquitoes. They usually disappear after a few days. Bites can cause severe itching. Scratching lesions can lead to skin infections.

The main health problems caused by bedbugs are:

  • Itchy skin (bites)
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Anxiety
  • Social isolation.

What you need to know to effectively eliminate bedbugs

What you need to know about Flea Medicine

The occupant must inform the owner or the person responsible for insect control as soon as possible of the presence of bedbugs in their accommodation.

Act quickly

Owners or operators of a building are responsible for promptly calling on qualified pest managers (exterminator with government license) to find solutions to the problem.

Use effective and harmless control methods

Several methods of control should be considered, not just the use of insecticides. Qualified pest managers should use only insecticides registered for bedbugs. The use of insecticide must be restricted to the minimum necessary to limit their impact on the health of the occupants. Treatments should be repeated until the bedbugs have completely disappeared.

Collaborate together

Without the collaboration of all the stakeholders (occupants, owners or operators of buildings and managers of qualified pests) it is difficult to effectively eliminate bedbugs in a dwelling or building.

source: how to get rid of fleas

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