What Do Fish Eat : Very Easy To Make Fish Happy

Aquarium fish are the only kind of pet that can keep you company in a quiet corner of your house, office or garage. Aquarium fish do not ask their owners for toilet training or expensive toys. they only want a tank suitable for their natural life and enough healthy food for their daily needs. To make them happy, amateur aquarists may not know how to feed, in fact, the way they feed can change for all kinds of fish. In this article  “what do fish eat” we will present general information about feeding aquarium fish.

Feeding goldfish can be difficult for amateur owners. Dry food is a healthy food for your fish. The dry fish food rests on the water and does not fall to the bottom of the aquarium so the aquarium water does not blur. If you do not have much time, you can feed your fish once a day.

What Do Small Fish Eat

what do fish eat: If the fish we feed is small or fry, you should be more careful. Two days after the birth of the baby fish can eat (if they can not swim) . The most healthy diet for your fish, the same amount of fish feed small and 4 times a day should give. For example ; divide this feed into four pieces if it eats one feed in one day. Which food is the best for fish ?Freeze dried food  is the best food for fish  . Since these feeds are dry, they generally hold onto the aquarium. Thus, there is little danger of decaying and collapsing water to the bottom.

In particular, poorly-formed feeds will quickly collapse on the bottom of the aquarium and break down between the decors will not give good results. If your fish are not well fed, they cannot have fry. According to some scientists, there are 20 000 species of fish in the world and some 40 species of fish according to others.

Each living creature has gained a habit according to the food it may have in the world. Some types of carp (eg grass carp) provide food by eating only grass. They are not different from a sheep on the land in terms of food intake. Besides, the piranha fish are used to living by eating only meat, like a captain who lives in water. While some fish are only plankton, which are very small vegetative and animal creatures, some deep-sea fish swallow even big fish close to their size and meet their food needs.

What kind of food do fish eat?

There are thousands of dishes that every living thing can eat. Depending on their organisms, the best way to feed is to have healthier offspring so that animal species are not depleted.


It is an indispensable group in the production of aquarium fish which is indispensable for feeding the newly hatched offspring. From eggs. resulting aquarium fish do not need feed for the first two to three days. During this period, they meet the food requirements by consuming the yolk in their bodies. From the second day, the fries should feed. In this period, the majority of the offspring can only be fed with live bait. They are fed with infusaria at this stage.

WATER Fleas (Daphnia sp.):

It is one of the most used live feeds in aquarium production. There are many types. In folk language, two types are recognized as thin and large ones. Water fleas which are thin are more valid for aquarists.


If you want to use artemia fish feed for fry, you can find it at the petshop or you can do it yourself. This is the best food as the answer to the question of what do small fish eat , It is a living organism that is used very much in the production of fry and in the feeding of valuable aquarium fish. To achieve the highest hatching power and hatching in normal time, the following procedure is followed. Absolute saline is used at the larvae exit from the eggs. If you are in a place with sea, clean sea water is used.

Let’s give additional information about what fish eat. Sometimes fish can even eat their own offspring. Don’t think he’il be sad after eating his fry! after the fish have survived the spawning period, keep the juveniles in a different aquarium or in a hopper where other fish cannot reach them. When you think other fish are too big to eat them, you can release them back into the aquarium.


It is one of the most valuable of the new ones used in aquariums. The main reason for this is the ease of supply. It is slim and consumed by many fish and high food value.

SOIL Worms

A wide variety of soil worm species are field worms that we all know. This live animal It is consumed lovingly by fish. It is especially valuable for large aquarium fish such as goldfish, tilapia, cichlid and large scavengers. In the gardens can be collected from anywhere under the soil to be removed with a shovel.

What do fish eat, our article is over, you can comment on your questions about this topic.

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