What can I do to get pregnant

There is much difference in men and women sexual system. Women cannot become pregnant all the times, they can only get pregnant when ovulate. Regular Sex is the main key of getting pregnant faster. 

You must be fully familiar with all in and out sexual needs and getting pregnant tips. It is right if sex is not within the time of ovulation will not result in pregnancy.

If you are looking to become pregnant fast then you should know when you will ovulate. when you know your ovulation date you can make perfect plan to become pregnant in the days. If you get in intercourse before 2 or 3 days before ovulation egg because sperm can live 3-4 days.


To get pregnant fast

It is better to do sex three times a week. During intercourse you must try different positions that can easier for sperm to live longer in your uterus.

Do not make a hurry to go to a doctor, if you cannot get pregnant within your first year then you can contact to a doctor. But remember that may be a Male side problem not only your. So always  pray for a better.

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