Very Healthy But Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

You have a lot of friends in your house dogs cats etc .. Your dog’s food is over and you have cat food. Can dogs eat cat food , yes they can . In general, it is OK to eat cat food for a dog if it does not gain excess weight. And excess protein does not cause any problems to your dog. However, cats cannot survive by eating dog food because dog food usually does not contain the necessary nutrients such as taurine and arachidonic acid.

Can Dogs eat wet or dry cat food ?

Can dogs eat cat food ,the situation for cats is completely different. Since the texture, content and taste of dog food is different from the needs of cats, it is inconvenient for cats to eat dog food. They may have problems with digestion in the short term and may have vital risks in the long term due to lack of food.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid cats consuming dog food is useful to keep puppies out of this situation. Puppies must be subjected to a more specific digestion to complete their development.

Dogs can eat cat food (dry or wet ) but ;ıt is not healthy for them. However, although in some cases it is not a problem to give your dog cat food, it is recommended that each species eat its own special food. As a result, cat food and dog food would not be differentiated as such. A single type of food would be produced.Cat food is produced according to the needs of cats, while dog food is produced only according to the needs of dogs.

Therefore, it is not recommended for cats to be given to dogs and to dogs as cat food. We can make our dog eat fruits and vegetables for a healthy and long life. You can visit our site for answers to questions like whether dogs can eat bananas.

how to feed dogs

In addition to the formula of dog food, the size, structure, shape and density of the grains are very important and should be appropriate to the jaws and teeth. For example, Bulldog, Pug and Shih Tzu have brachycephalic head structure (short, large and round). In addition, the lower jaws are longer than these dogs have difficulty in getting food grains. Therefore, they need special food grains that are easy to eat and in size.

Never feed your dog with home-made food, food scraps and constant rewards. While preparing these foods. It is difficult for you to obtain all the raw materials required by their age, size, physical condition and race, to prepare them constantly freshly, to cook them in the right ratio and quantity correctly and to encourage you to jump to the table while you are at the table. A well-formulated quality complete dry formula meets all needs and reduces digestion problems.

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