Best island vacations

Best island vacations, what do you think about it? When I hear the Word “Island”, I dream of the Maldives. And then hawaii and greek islands.  I did a research for you and wrote the best islands in the world. After looking at the list, you can choose the favorite and start preparing for travel.

The Maldives is located in the south of India and about 750 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka. Out of the 305 islands inhabited, 200 of the Maldives live and 105 is used as a “hotel island”. Almost all islands are covered with lush and tropical vegetation. The underwater life is magnificent. It is a great pleasure to see the fish, corals and all underwater creatures that you have seen before in a documentary or a magazine. I think it is the first among the best island vacations.


Santorini, the baby of the Cycladic Family,  the most difficult travelers  admires this  tourism symbol with its lime-painted blue roofed houses, bougainvillea, sunsets and cuisine. If you want a crowded island, you are at the right place. You can see a lot of tourists around you as it is one of the best islands. Wherever you go to the Greek islands, you will find everything the same when you go there again.

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