All You Need to Know About Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy bear hamsters are a long-haired variety which is native in Syria. In nature, they live underground and leave their nest at night to find food. They are particularly popular because of their fur which is often somewhat golden and very soft. Especially female teddy bear hamsters have long fur. This article will give you some important information about these little furry animals.

Life Expectancy

With good care, a teddy bear hamster can survive up to 2.5 years in captivity. The most common premature death is caused by their fur which can obstruct their digestive system or even create what can be described as ‘hair tumors’. Thus, it is important to ensure that the food is particularly designed for these animals, and proper hair care is absolutely important.


Teddy bear hamsters can get used to humans and become quite confident. But some may always remain very shy and avoid contact with their human owner. While hamsters look cuddly, they are not actually enthusiastic about being touched or snuggled. Thus, you should not expect your hamster to be as outgoing and trusting as a dog would be.

However, it is definitely possible to observe the little ones and they may even get excited to see you. Moreover, it is often possible to get the teddy bear hamster really used to its owners so that it is possible to pick them up, but they are very fragile and should not be placed anywhere from where they could fall.

Generally spoken, teddy bear hamsters prefer to be alone. The only exception is a baby that can get along with its mother for a while, or when it is time to find a partner. At all other times, this hamster is strictly a loner. It is strongly advised not to keep a group of hamsters in one cage because they may hurt or kill each other.

Other pets such as dogs, cats or snakes find the hamster delicious- literally. It is possible that your dog is constantly around the cage and waiting for the little hamster to come out of its hiding place, and this puts the poor little fella under a lot of stress. Birds should also not be left flying around in the same room as this is equally stressful and dangerous.

How and Where to Keep to Teddy Bear Hamsters

Where do hamsters live ? Hamsters live in a cage. The first thing is to get a good cage that has the right size. And you will be able to get customized advice at the pet store. It is important not to keep the teddy bear hamsters in plastic boxes, mini cages or any other type of box that is not designed to be a hamster cage.

The cage should then be equipped with a small little house, plenty of hiding places and the traditional hamster wheel. This should be a safe one and have the right size for your hamster.

Ensure that everything you put in the cage is made of natural material, such as wood, ceramic, clay and cork. It is normal that hamsters may nibble on whatever is in the cage, and it should not be a dangerous environment. Thus, it is not advised to use plastic toys or plastic hiding places. You may be able to find special artificial pet material in a pet store which can be used alternatively.

The house is important because it serves as bedroom, bathroom and general hiding place. It should be made of ceramic which is easy to clean and has a natural look. Its rough surface is also perfect for the hamster to sharpen its nails.

You can make life for your teddy bear hamster more interesting by installing roots, tubes made of wood and cork and other interesting terrain ideas.

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