Six Key Steps to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

You can reduce your risk of having a heart attack, even if six key steps to reduce Risklready coronary heart disease heart attack (CHD) or had a heart attack earlier. The key is to take action to prevent or manage heart disease risk factors.

a healthy body is more valuable than all the wealth. It may give its most valuable items to collect from the time of his deteriorating health, but can not succeed in certain diseases.

We must take our health measures before falling ill. We should drink lots of water, play sports and get rid of the bad habits that can harm our health.

Heart disease is one of the deadly diseases. It is important for our health to apply the following to protect heart health.

Factors that reduce the risk of a heart attack include:

Taking these steps will decrease your risk of having a heart attack:

Stop smoking
Lower blood pressure
Reducing high blood cholesterol
Aim for a healthy weight
Keep yourself physically active
diabetes control

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