Pacific Parrotlet ; Types, Care , Food

When you see the Pacific parrotlet, you might think it’s a budgerigar. You love it as you see it with its colors and moving structure. It is not easy to look at these birds, called pocket parrots.If you are the owner of a pacific parrotlet, you should buy your favorite foods, care and train every day. A happy bird is moving and makes you happy by singing.

The Most Favorite Pacific Parrotlet : Blue Parrotlet

Male blue parrotlets can speak more than females. It is easier to feed at home than other parrots. Sound tones are not as loud as other genres. For example ; while the parrot can make its voice heard throughout the neighborhood, the parallels’ singing is limited within the home. As food, budgerigar and parrot feed can be mixed. You will not have to worry about feed because they will consume whatever they find at home. The gender of the parrotlets can be understood from the color difference under their wings.

Blue-winged  Parrotlet: It is a kind of parrot which is seen with blue color on both wings. It is also known as the parrot genus most similar to the budgerigar. Green winged Parrotlet: Parrots with a distinctive green shade at the back.The blue parrotlet, which fits into any environment, is easy to maintain. At first, however, the period of acclimatization may take a long time. To overcome this in a shorter period of time, large brass cages should be preferred. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that cage spacings are frequent.

Blue parrotlets who want to feed, it is recommended to take them in pairs. As a male and a female, they live together in harmony in cages. They are especially attached to their spouses. As they are generally bird lovers and do not like to be alone, having a partner allows them to live for a long time.They are easily reproduced when appropriate environment is provided. They usually enter reproductive periods when they reach 2 years of age. Thus, a good quality and smooth housing can be placed in the cages to allow them to mate.

What can Blue Parrotlet eat

Blue winged parrotlet, which will be the joy of the house in every aspect, can be obtained in many colors besides blue and green colors. These birds, which are produced by mutation, are offered today with a wide range of colors. They can be easily fed at home because they do not make much noise. They can also be easily fed with all the parrotlet food consumed by budgerigars. Budgerigar feeds, Honey forage ,Different fruits and greens ,Seed cores

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