Is eating cheese with mold cultures harmful?

Mold cheese offers listeria an optimal breeding ground, they multiply very quickly in it. Mold cheese should not be eaten raw  burrata pregnant. If you use it to make a cheese sauce and heat it above 70 degrees, there are no health risks. Opened packaging of mold cheese should be stored well refrigerated and the cheese should be used within two days if possible.

Mold on spoiled foods can form fungal toxins (mycotoxins), which can damage the liver, kidneys, heart, skin and nerves. Be sure to throw away spoiled food.

One of the most delicious dishes, especially in summer, is tomato salad with mozzarella. It is refreshing and provides us with valuable nutrients and vitamins in its entirety. But the reputation of mozzarella precedes that it is dangerous for pregnant women. Is that correct? We clarify about safe handling of the product mozzarella during pregnancy.

What should be considered when buying mozzarella?

Mozzarella is a rapidly maturing brewed cheese made from the milk of water buffalo or domestic beef or a mixture of the two types of milk. In the past, Italian pasta filata cheese was made from raw milk, i.e. untreated milk. Hence the still common opinion that mozzarella is not allowed during pregnancy, even dangerous. Many years ago there was actually a wave of infectious diseases after eating raw milk mozzarella due to a high germ load. Since then, cheese makers have started to produce “safe” products and no longer use raw milk for their production. Nowadays, mozzarella is almost always obtained from pasteurized milk (heating to kill possible pathogens).

Why are raw milk products dangerous?

Due to the way it is made, raw milk cheese can be contaminated with pathogens. Eating raw milk cheese can be dangerous for a pregnant woman, since the baby in the belly is at risk if an infection occurs. Widespread Listeria, which can cross the placental barrier in pregnant women and cause mental and physical disability and premature or stillbirth in children, should be mentioned here in particular.

Attention! Mozzarella, no matter what milk it is made from, is unsuitable as a raw milk cheese for pregnant women. Please only eat mozzarella made from pasteurized water buffalo or cow’s milk during pregnancy.

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