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If you want to own a ragdoll cat or if you have a cat, we would like to provide information about its care and features to help you. Ragdoll cats are famous for their eyes and have soft feathers. Ragdoll is a kind of cat that attracts people easily with its soft and harmonious  character. Compared to many other breeds of cats, Ragdoll can be described as a fairly new breed, these beautiful cats emerged in California in 1963. In the 1960s, the breed of a purebred, light gray, long-haired cat named Josephine later formed the Ragdoll breed. Today Ragdoll is a recognized and beloved cat breed all over the world.


We mentioned that Ragdoll is one of the big cats, the average weight of these big cats varies between 3.6-9 kilograms. Of course, some Ragdoll cats can be heavier than that. Long hairs are classified in three primary colors; white gloves, without gloves and monochrome. Especially the ones with white gloves are very popular, feather colors are blue, chocolate or brown lilac. It is sapphire blue with the eyes of ragdoll cats, very rarely different eye colors can be seen, but the race standard was blue eyes.

Ragdoll Cats For Adoption

No need to worry if you have another cat or dog in your home ragdoll cats can be friendly with everyone. The very loving Ragdoll breed is not very energetic, a social cat and can be described as intelligent. One of the most interesting personality traits of these cats is that most people follow their people at home, so some use the term Rag puppy için for the Ragdoll breed, and known puppies follow people everywhere .

One of the most important issues for the care of ragdoll cat is to comb long hairs regularly. . Apart from regular screening, it is necessary to pay attention to ear cleanings, since ear cleaning is a serious task in cats, our advice is to have the ear cleaning done to veterinarians no matter which.  You should check your cats ears once a week.If you have a ragdoll in your home you may feel like having a baby. Ragdoll cats are like babies and may want to be loved all the time.

How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live

You can visit veterinarians or have a look at the ads on the internet to claim cats or pets.Brush your cat’s teeth daily and cut two nails every week.Like all cats, this breed may have eye contours.For the ragdoll cat’s toilet needs, you should prepare clean sand and pots every day. We recommend that you keep it in a safe and confined space, such as at home, as it can catch disease from cats and be attacked by dogs.This race can survive 12 and 17 years. Living conditions and care routines are important for the Ragdoll cat to survive for many years. A well-maintained Ragdoll cat can survive 17 years.

Ragdolls love people. They especially love to welcome their owners at the door. They also like to play with family and to participate in family activities. If you have a Ragdoll, he expects you to reward his positive behavior. You can teach him many things with his ability to learn quickly. They have a soft and sweet tone. When they are hungry, they make it very easy and they call you.

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