How to Take Care For Baby Kittens – What Do You Feed ?

If you’ve seen baby kittens in a corner on the street and the cat is alone, it doesn’t mean it’s always been abandoned. Because no mother can easily leave her kittens. For this reason, it is necessary to observe for a while before the baby kittens have been abandoned and adopted, the mother cat may return. If the mother can’t find her kitten when the cat returns, we should never take the kittens away without considering the cat’s abandonment, considering the worry and sadness she will experience.

Newborn kittens find it difficult to survive on their own and need the support of their mother. However, it is not always easy for humans to care for and care for the abandoned kittens that are several days old. In this article, we will talk about newborn kittens for you. First of all, you need a number of cat supplies to perform the ideal care of your newborn cat.  Cats can

Always check the cat’s body temperature before starting to care for newborn kittens. Never give fluids or nutrients to a cat with low body temperature. Since newborn kittens are unable to maintain their body temperature, they need their mothers to warm them up. Kittens may have decreased body temperature due to being motherless or discomfort. So you must first heat them and keep them warm at all times. You can use the materials in the house to maintain this temperature. Check the body temperature by touching the kitten. Even touch the lint and ears of the paws. If these spots seem cold, warm it with a blanket.

Newborn Kittens Care 

If you have thermometers used for babies, you can also take measurements from the ear. Body temperature of kittens should be between 98 and 102 Fahrenheit  . When wrapping the cat with a blanket or other material, be sure to wrap it in such a way that it breathes. They leave their baby  kittens born as sick and separate from other kittens. So you should go to the vet first.

Check whether the blood sugar of cats is too low to be dangerous or not by looking at the kitten’s gums. The gums should always be pink. This indicates that the cat is healthy and blood sugar is not a condition that requires intervention. However, if the gums are pale or gray in appearance, the cat’s blood sugar may be low or shocked. If possible, we recommend that you take it to a veterinarian immediately.

Check if the kitten is dehydrated. To do this check, hold the skin on the neck of the cat with your thumb and index fingers and gently pull it up. If you leave immediately, everything is OK. Nape skins of kittens are especially soft. This structure is also elastic. If the elasticity is lost and it takes a while to return to normal, the kitten is thirsty. Do not give him direct water. Because kittens, like babies, get their water needs from breast milk until they reach a certain maturity. In cases of dehydration or diarrhea, kittens should be given electrolyte fluid.

baby kittens

How To Take Care Of  A Kitten 

Gently comb the cats’ hair control with the cat’s comb and look through the feathers. If you come across things that fall out of the hair when you comb the cat, the cat has an external parasite problem. Parasite in cats is a condition that requires veterinary intervention. You should therefore contact a vet.

An important point during newborn kitten care is eye health. If the kitten’s eyes have not yet been opened, make sure that no dust or inflammation occurs on or around the eyes. Even if the cat’s eyes have been opened, check for leaks. Pupils should be filled with the pupil with the eyes of the cats open. The inner membrane structure must not be visible. If you find something that is not going well, contact a veterinarian immediately, such as inflammation around the eyes and eyes, or the appearance of an inner eyelid. Keep in mind that eye currents and inflammations can cause undesirable consequences, such as blindness, if left untreated.

Baby Kittens Eye Care

Make sure you keep your cat warm at all times. In a sturdy box or basket that is not too large, place a hand towel or a cloth of similar thickness. The cat needs a source of heat. You can use it as a heat source by using small water bags or heater pads that are used at home. If you can’t find both, you can use a bottle full of hot water. Be sure to close the bottle tightly and make sure it does not leak water. You can also leave a space in the box where the cat can move away from the heat source at any time.

Cats away from the mother can experience stress. For this reason, you can lay them on your chest in such a way that your heart can feel the rhythm of your heart to relieve them from stress. In this way, you will warm him with your body heat and help to eliminate the cat’s worries with the sounds of your heartbeat. Patience and love for the kitten will always help him to hold on to life.

Body Care For Baby Kittens

When you own a newborn kitten, you should clean all the materials you use to care for it at high temperatures. If you are looking at more than one kitten, you should not allow one cat to use one material. Especially if one of them is sick and needs extra care, keeping it in another corner of the house is very important for the health of the other cat. As we said at the beginning of the article, when you own a newborn cat, you should first take it to the veterinarian and take care of your kitten by taking the veterinarian’s advice into consideration.

Newborn kittens cannot toilet themselves, cannot be cleaned on their own and need the help of their mother. In the absence of the mother cat, you need to do this. Gently wipe with a wet cotton wool when feeding the kitten if it gets on the nose and mouth as a result of rapid suction. Then cool the paper towel on the table and lay the pup on the table on his back. Rub the abdomen with a warm, moist piece of cotton just as you would when wiping the cat’s mouth. Then gently wipe the cat’s genital area to get a toilet.

You can do this after or before each feed. The urine of the kittens should be light yellow. Dark urine is an indication of cat’s lack of fluid. Immediately intervene. Kitten poop should be light brown and toothpaste. A stool of different color and a harder or more watery stool may indicate that the cat may have diarrhea or constipation.  If you need to observe the feces and urine of your cat, consult your veterinarian.

Which Kitten Formula Is The Best ?

Feeding of baby kittens from birth to 1 year; determines their health during the rest of their lives. It is vital to feed baby kittens during this period, to provide foods with high nutritional value and, most importantly, to gain the right feeding habit.

Feeding and energy needs of baby kittens are two to three times higher than in adult periods. When cats stop breastfeeding for 6 to 7 weeks, they should be given a regular and healthy eating habit. The kittens, which are one month old, should eat four meals a day for the most accurate feeding of baby kittens.

Kittens need more amino acids. In addition to the vitamins required by adult cats, there are also needs such as amino acids and proteins. Puppies, which receive 30% of their energy from protein, must be fed with special kitten food until one year of age. It is also important that drinking water is clean. Food and beverages should be hygienic to prevent illness. Water is the most important liquid food. Keeping the water clean and in hygienic containers is important for the health of your cat.

What Should Eat Baby Kittens ?

Since the baby kittens have new teeth, it is difficult for them to eat dry food. Therefore, you should prefer wet foods more. If you want to give dry food, you should give it to one of the three meals.  The most important issue in this category is that your cat does not cram at once. The high number of meals and the modest eating at each meal will eliminate the possibility of the cat being obese. Cats that do not take care of their nutrition often get sick and are likely to be obese. Another important issue in the care of cats is veterinary control. If your cat develops abnormalities in feeding or other matters, do not forget to go to the vet.

Cats like to eat different food in between. You should keep away from food such as raw liver, raw meat, raw fish, milk, onions, garlic, chocolate, tea, coffee and grapes. You must give ten calories per day. Also do not neglect the vaccine. Cat toilet training is also very important. This training is necessary to prevent infection. In addition, the factors that may cause the disease should be examined. Healthy eating and cleanliness are inseparable.

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Homemade Kitten Formula Recipes

Cats don’t like to drink water. Homemade food, boiled in the water to increase the water consumption of cats.

Dry foods, taurine, potassium, etc., which we cannot easily find and are difficult to achieve even if we can find them. It contains quite some important ingredients for feeding cats like. So you can feed your cat in the form of 1 day dry food and 1 day homemade food, or you can serve it to your home-made food by adding the food that your cat is accustomed to.

You can present the recipes you can prepare for cats both at home and on the street, especially in winter days, warmly to stray animals, and you can warm yourself inside the kittens and the peace of doing a great job.

Chicken Liver Recipe

Ingredients: 1 pack of chicken liver (you can also make other offal, 300-400 grams is enough), 1 potato, 1 pumpkin, 1 carrot or 2 small apples, 1 tea glass of rice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Optional: 4-5 sprigs of parsley and 1 egg yolk

Preparation: Peel potatoes, zucchini and carrots or ground diamonds and cut them into cubes. Chop the lungs and add them. Wash and add the rice. Boil on low heat with half a liter of water. After being boiled, add olive oil and parsley and 1 egg yolk, if you wish, and finely chopped and crushed with a fork or mashed. You can serve the first portion lukewarm. You can keep the rest for 3-4 days by dividing it into portions and wrapping it in a stretch film or putting it in a refrigerator bag. Don’t forget to mix it with a small amount of warm water before removing it from the refrigerator and giving it to your cat.

Sardine is a multi-nutrient food for cats. And it is a simple and nutritious homemade recipe for cats. It is also very appetizing and is a favorite food for cats.


Canned sardines in a box

1/2 gourd or 1/4 gourd if large

Bowl of oatmeal

Add the boiled water to the oatmeal. Boil the pumpkin you have peeled and chopped. Crush the pumpkin you have boiled.  Mix all ingredients. Although not necessary, you can mix it with the help of a food processor. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

What Cats Should Not Eat ?

Onions, garlic, tomatoes, raw eggs, mushrooms, chocolates, grapes and all kinds of food prepared for humans is harmful to cats. In addition, contrary to what is known, milk is not nourishing for cats, and may even cause harm.

Do not forget to clean the food and water containers regularly!

  • If you are going to make fish food, be sure to remove the fishbones completely. Don’t give your cats a ready tuna. It is produced for human consumption and is harmful to cats.
  • Peel off the vegetables.
  • If you are going to give yogurt or cheese, make sure it is low salted / unsalted and low fat / fat free.
  • Chicken should not be given to the cats, especially the kittens. Throat is likely to get stuck.
  • Many veterinarians warn that cats should not be given raw meat. Although there are cat owners who feed their cat with raw meat and say that they see the benefits of this, a method involving this risk, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

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