How To Care Of A Parakeet ?

In order to care for parakeets, you must first learn which environment to feed. How To Care Of A Parakeet ?  Parakeets become ill very quickly in windy environments and die within a week.For example, you should not leave the window open in the room where the parakeet is in a breezy weather.The cage should not be small for the bird, but should be able to fly freely.There must be toys in the cage to play for fun.

Parakeets are timid and delicate. The parakeet, which you decide to feed at home, must first recognize at least 20 days for the environment to warm up. After this time, you can now meet your bird and engage in rapprochement efforts. The first thing to watch out for is to avoid sudden movements, your moves should be slow, do not scare birds.

You can give the parakeets to the exaggeration of most things you eat. for example, they enjoy eating fruit. However, they should definitely not eat salty and sweet. It is especially useful for boiled eggs and carrot grated parakeets. You should not change your budgerig’s feed constantly. After a few attempts you will know which one you like and you should continue on. The ingredients in the selection of feed are very important. In pet shops, they can offer you unnecessary and even damaging things to sell. Ignore them. Very rare honey bars and so on. cage.

Parakeet Cage Care

If your parakeet’s cage is found below, it feels vulnerable; if found above, it feels superior. So you need to position it right in the middle where it can contact you. If your parakeet wants to mate, remember that parakeets choose their wives themselves.Think of your parakeet’s cage as a room in the house where you live. So it should always be clean. Shells on the feed should be cleaned regularly and kept fresh on a daily basis. Vitamins should be added to the water twice a week.

Bird sand, one of the most important things for your bird, should always be in the cage. So your bird can digest food more easily. Perches are more useful than plastic perches. In addition, to prevent fungal growth, it would be beneficial to apply powder to the feet of the bird.

If the parakeet does not use beak stone, it may become unable to eat if it is not followed because its beak will grow in time. Beak cutting operation can be performed for birds with a long beak. If you lay paper under the cage, the number and appearance of feces can be easily observed on a daily basis.

How Long Does A Parakeet Live ?

The life of parakeets, which are very well cared for, is longer. Birds that are left alone and poorly cared for may cause unhappiness. Click on the link for detailed information about train a parakeet . In short, the parakeet’s life depends on your care.

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