How To Care Of The Best Cat

You are very excited to have a new friend in the house and you don’t know anything about my head. You’re in the right place! We wanted to give you detailed information about How to care of a cat .The first day you need to pay attention to the first thing to keep the doors and windows closed. Your cat will not know the consequences of these hazards as he is not accustomed to his new home.  In addition, electricity, telephone cables, grounded pots and flowers to be gnawed are also a great danger. We cannot know the damages that this small body will cause when the plants are chewed.

These must be eliminated. Especially the lily plant is known as a harmful plant for cats. He should not be at home.If your cat is a young adult cat, you can learn from the place you bought it and continue with it. If it’s a kitten, it’s when he needs it most. Formerly used food may be insufficient. Special kitten foods that are strong in terms of vitamins and minerals should be used. 8-12 week old kittens need 4 times a day, 3-6 months old cats 3 times a day, and after 6 months they need food twice a day. How old is my cat ? Canned foods sold for kittens should not be mixed with dry food. Canned food cannot be eaten. In addition, clean water should always be kept in a separate container next to the food container.

How To Care Of A Baby Cat

Never give milk to kittens All milk except breast milk can cause diarrhea and fatal consequences in kittens. If your home cat is a very small cat that has had to leave the mother, special veterinary milk mixtures can be used with a syringe. Cats are fastidious and so you don’t need to train your cat.On the other hand, kittens were provided with toilet training by their mothers (if they could stay with their mother for a sufficient period of time). If it’s a motherless cat you found on the street you took into your house, take it to the head of the sandbox and mix the sand with your fingers several times.

Then leave the cat in the sandbox. He will instinctively understand easily what to do in a few times. The most important and difficult issue here is the care of a cat too small to make your own toilet. It is necessary to try to make these cats with wet cotton every 3-4 hours until they are big enough to do their toilet, just like their mother does by licking. Otherwise, the kitten will not be able to toilet and undesirable consequences will occur.

Cats change hair twice a year. If you regularly comb your cat’s hair, it will lead to a healthier and happier life. Regularly sought hairs become brighter and less shed. Especially in kittens, problems such as eye closure and burr can be seen due to early separation from mother. Under normal conditions, this infection, which healed by licking and cleaning her mother, is no longer the case. Clean the eyes several times a day using a cotton swab using saline solution. If not, it is useful to show it to the veterinarian. Otherwise, kittens with closed eyes may result in blindness.

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