Parakeet Lifespan -How Long Do Parakeets Live ?

How long do the parakeets live or parakeet lifespan among the many questions asked by animal lovers who will feed the parakeet. Parakeets are qualified as adults from the age of 1. Female parakeets begin to age after 4 years. Male parakeets  begin to age after 6 years. Of course, it determines the life of parakeets in sickness and early treatment. Such birds are not very resistant to cold. Therefore, parakeets  should be raised in places where they will not be too hot.

How does my parakeet get used to me, Does it matter? It doesn’t matter. If you are going to buy a parakeet from a petshop, first observe the birds and make sure that they are young. I do not recommend you to buy a very active parakeet because; docile birds can be domesticated and trained more quickly.Birds, like humans, have different characters. Buy the bird after observing its behavior.The two-day parakeet can get used to standing in your hand.

The Parakeet Lifespan

The parakeet is one of our cute friends who feeds every ten houses.The fact that these little cute and colorful animals are friendly with us and the desire to speak increases from time to time is one of the features that really interest. It should not be forgotten that parakeets are in need of attention and love. When you buy them from a bird man, you must embrace them not only because they are cute, but by adopting you as friends and comrades. Because animal love shows this. The life of parakeets is related to the fact that you care enough about it.

If you regularly take care of your dear friend, he can live for fifteen or even 20 years. Parakeet lifespan is average 10 years. Regularly cared for, well-fed and cared for parakeets are very happy and can last up to 6 years.

Parakeet Lifespan

How Long Do Parakeets Live ?

Parakeet is very get stressed when they are alone, and an opposite situation that comes with stress causes them to lose their appetite and fear. The parakeet lifespan may be very short if it is constantly alone.   In the opinion of specialist veterinarians, budgerigars need to be left alone at home for 1-2 days at most and if they are traveling or leaving the house. They should definitely be left in a crowded environment. .

What the owner leaves first is to check that the water and the oath are full. Bird food is one of the most important issues for those who want to have a healthy bird. Since the lonely birds will be stressed, they turn to more feed and water in order to overcome this problem, so it is necessary to check the water and feed before leaving the house.

How To Tame A Parakeet ?

It’s easy to tame the parakeet. They can easily adapt to their environment. If you want to give education to your parakeet, you can reach our article “How To Train A Parakeet”  by clicking on the link.  If your beloved friend is moving too much, tame him, the river may take a little more time. Moving birds are similar to moving children and may have adaptation problems.So we need more attention and patience for you.

Give him time to get used to his cage and then come to the cage and try to get in position with him. Do not speak loudly and quickly so that he is not afraid of you and can memorize what you say. In the future, putting your bird on your finger means he accepts you and trusts you. To reinforce this behavior, try to feed your bird with some bird food in your hand. In this way, your little pet’s confidence in you will be reinforced.

We have written another article about parakeet care for you  “how to care of a parakeet” Click for detailed information. How to wash the birds, how to feed, how to care for the cage which vitamins should be given in detail for the answers to questions such as.

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