How Long Do Indoor Cats Live ?

Cats have a life span of 2-16 years. How Long Do Indoor Cats Live ? House cats can live for about twenty years. Well-cared and fed house cats can live a long life. Female cats have a longer life than male cats. When cats can become pregnant?

How Long Do Indoor Cats Live , Today it is possible to see female cats that show anger at 4 or 5 months of age. Female cat owners are recommended to sterilize their cats at 4-5-6 months of age without experiencing their first anger if they do not want kittens. In female cats, pre-estrus neutering neoplasms close to 100 percent is known to prevent. Consequently, the gestational age of cats has decreased to 5-6 months. However, veterinarians do not recommend that the cat become pregnant and have a baby during the first anger.

The average life expectancy of an outdoor  cat is 6 years; however, the average life expectancy of a indoor cat can be up to 15 years, which is twice as much as an outdoor cat. There are even cats that live up to 20 years.

Cat years are very small so you should take good care of your cat. If your cat is one year old it is equal to 10-15 human years and if your cat is 2 years old it is equal to 25 years old.

How Long Do Siamese Cats Live ?

Almost everyone likes cats, but the siamese cat is another. Siamese cats live on average for 14,15 years. Some may see their 20s. The equivalent in humans is almost equivalent to living 100 years. This is, of course, closely related to maintenance. Regular veterinary control, quality food can dramatically prolong the lives of cats. Overweight can cause siamese cats to have serious health problems. So don’t overfeed your cats just to be tatlı sweeter ”.  Meanwhile, the oldest cat in the world is a siamese cat. Scooter, a Texas-based Siamese cat born March 26, 1986.

Siamese cat is an extremely intelligent, agile, athletic and playful cat. So you have to keep these cats busy all the time. Therefore, you will need cat toys and balls. It must be entertained and lingered. If you leave the siamese cat without toys, you can see that when you come home, toilet paper is laid down, your drawers are overflowing, and certain keys of your computer keyboard are gone.

Siamese is a talkative cat who speaks a lot and needs constant attention . When he is disinterested, he expresses his dissatisfaction with his movements and voice very clearly. You can take Siamese cats, who cannot bear being left alone for a long time, to your office if you have the opportunity. Siamese cat can be a great choice if you’re working at home.

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