How long do cats live? Wonderfull information here!

How long do cats live? How long do indoor outdoor cats live? It is a very cute and fun roommate when cats domesticated. That’s why there’s so many people feeding cats at home. Cats are not just roommates of people living alone. In homes with new babies, fed cats have a good effect on the baby’s development.

How long do cats live? The life span of cats varies according to the environment, breed, health and care. All these factors determine the life span of cats. Cats can live up to 20 years of age with regular feeding and care. Indoor cats have a longer life. The life of cats may vary depending on the type and type. For example ; female cats live longer than male cats.

How Old Do Cats Live ?

In addition, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. The average life expectancy of house cats is three times longer than that of outdoor cats. The reason is that cats living at home have better care, are in a more stressful environment and are away from the risks of the outside world. Of course, these cats are constantly getting access to food and clean water.

More moving and well-maintained house cats can live for up to 20 years. If you look at your cat outside, unfortunately, it has a shorter life span and there are many reasons for it. I’ve heard a female cat live 23 years. 23 cat years of life is wonderfull for a cat. The more love you give your cat, the longer the cat’s life.

How long do cats live

If you care about your cat being happy to feed and care, it will be a long cat lifespan. Our friends who live on the outdoor may not be so lucky. Most of them can die before they even see their age. The life expectancy of street animals would not be exaggerated to say as much as one third of an animal cared for at home. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of cats on the streets is very short due to car crashes, violence by people, epidemics, hunger, thirst, and fighting with other cats.

The life expectancy of humans is 79 years and that of cats is 16 years. People live four times more than cats. There are approximately 60 years difference for Cat years to human years. Because cats live an average of 16 years, you can experience 16 important birthdays.

How Long Do House Cats Live ?

For Cat year to human years ;

It is thought that human age is calculated by multiplying its age by 7 while calculating the age of cats as in dogs. However, this is not a healthy calculation method. Because our cat friends show rapid growth in the first 2 years of their lives.

With a rough estimate, the first 12 months of a cat are equal to 10-14 human ages. When cats reach 2 years of age, they become 25 years old on average. After two years, the growth of cats slows down and after that age is equal to 4-5 years of age. An 8-year-old cat is equivalent to a 48-year-old human.

Your cat is considered old when he is eight years old. You can’t tell if an eight-year-old cat is old. To understand that the cat is old, he must be 11 years old. One of the most important signs of aging in cats is hearing loss. Old cats no longer have as sharp ears as they used to be, and if they do not react to you as you used to call or call your cat, it is a sign of hearing loss. Hearing loss in elderly cats may also lead to a reduction in their interest in the environment. In some cases, the cat’s hearing loss is too small to be noticed, while in some older cats it can reach deafness.

Alterations in eating habits are one of the most noticeable signs of aging in cats. Old cats are no longer as appetite as they used to be, they eat less and are slower. The main reason for this is that the digestive system of the elderly cats has started to run more slowly, which pushes the cat to eat less because the slow-running digestive system brings along constipation. An 11-year-old cat equals a 60-year-old human.

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