How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating or Water

I love feeding cats and dogs. The reason is; they are among the animals that cannot withstand hunger and thirst. How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating, Cats can go without eating to two weeks hungry and thirsty.When the cats are examined in terms of survival without eating and drinking, very different results can be obtained. First of all, the physical condition, age, race, weight of a living being are among the factors that are effective in resistance to hunger and thirst. However, it is a separate case in which external factors such as season and temperature are the determinants of hunger and thirst resistance.

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating ,In general, the answer will be only two or three days, as long as the cats can live without drinking water. Because, as in most living things, water is one of the most basic needs of the organism. Because most of the bodies of living things consist of water. Water has a high priority for the healthy functioning of all organs. Long-term lack of water in the body can cause irreversible damage to the cat’s internal organs.

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Water

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Water , If water is not present in the environment alone, but there is a high amount of food in the water, especially in the form of wet food, fresh meat or canned foods, such as 3-4 days or even may be slightly higher. If the question is asked how many days cats live by drinking water or cats live without eating anything. It can be said that this period can be up to a week or two, or even a little longer during the summer months when food needs are reduced. In such a case, it is known that cats are able to survive. Although their body weight decreases by 30 to 40 percent. How long does a healthy cat live?

It should be remembered that the time spent in eating cats may have very different results according to various factors. First of all, different processes can be formed according to the suitability of the cat’s conditions. For example the age of the cat, the general health condition, the temperature of the environment (the nutrient needs of the living things are higher in winter) and the cat being a wild cat or a domestic cat. For example, skinny and young cats live longer by drinking water than obese cats. The longer the time to eat, the longer it will become difficult for the cat to regain its former health. Because prolonged fasting causes cats with fatty liver disease, which can cause serious trouble.

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