How Do Parakeets Mate? The simplest methods

Parakeets are birds that mate at certain times and have a baby and are known for their female selectivity. Female and male parakeet’s desire to mate can be understood by different movements. If you have started to feed the parakeet, you should be aware of the movements that will tell you when mating requests occur and you should create the ideal mating environment. How do parakeets mate,Your bird will show you if you like your partner with his / her movements.

When male parakeets want to mate, they always want to touch the tail and shoulder of the female parakeet. This is the most important way for them to influence the female parakeet.  After completing his flight in a cage, he goes directly to the female bird and makes constant movements to impress him and tries to be the center of attention. Parakeet male mating desire increases when the pupil grows and strikes the cage wires constantly.One of the earliest symptoms is the desire of the male bird to touch the shoulder or tail of the female bird. With this request it sends the first signals of the mating symptom.

The mating adventure of parakeets is a bit more difficult for male birds. Because females choose more difficult mates.You can read this article for answers to questions like how many years of parakeet lifespan and how long it looks good. If the male; Although the female’s obstacle, she tries to touch the female’s tail at every opportunity she finds. Some of the behavior of the male parakeet in the cage to influence the female; stealing the bell in the cage strongly, flying incessantly and being placed next to the female, bouncing side by side, the excitement of the pupils into a black spot, etc…

How do parakeets mate

Male Parakeet Mating Signs

  • He tries to persuade the female bird to mate.
  • Another symptom is that after the flight in the cage for a certain period, the first thing is to put the female bird next to it and then try to entertain it with different shapes and affect the female bird and invite them to mate. There areparakeets that are able to achieve this, although difficult at this point to become the center of attention.
  • Female parakeets are selective as well as those that may be disturbed by intense attention or the condition of the environment. Because mating time lasts a week on average, in some cases you may even need to cover up white.
  • Another mating sign of male parakeets; If they are in the cage, they make a sound by shaking the accessories like bell, bell and so they believe that the female bird will be affected. If you already have a male parakeet with these symptoms, you will see it so energetic for the first time since the day you start living with you. It makes inputs and outputs to the slot due to its energy, turns in place, opens wings. The only reason for this is the desire to expel the stored energy until the mating period. Of course, again on the basis of the idea that the female bird will affect.
  • Male parakeets, who show these symptoms and still fail to mate, begin to develop different symptoms. For example, the pupils shrink as small as the point we write. The eyes turn black with shrinking. The male bird, who initially tried to influence the female bird with various movements, does not leave the female bird for a second after this process. However, this may be overwhelming for the female bird and avoids mating by choosing to move away..


FeMale Parakeet Mating Signs

Parakeet couples can play with each other in peace: if you can build a second cage next to or next to the ancients, they can attract each other for a few days. Then you can see how they react to each other in free flight. Again, the two of them should not be left careless to distract the attacks, with any treatment, such as apples or millet, if necessary. If everything goes in peace, one may be following the cage the other. The fellowship may still be relieved, but if nothing goes wrong now, you can probably leave the two together forever. Again, take a look at the newly married couple initially.

If everyone stops in their cage after a free flight, you can repeat these common free-flight times more often. At one point, one will follow the other very curiously and then observe everything for a while as described above. Let parakeets do what they want, no matter how you want to get used to each other. It only intervenes when it is really necessary and when someone is constantly hunting or being attacked. However, this is not very common in parakeets, unless the former is very domesticated, it may react briefly to the new relationship.

The female parakeet shows the male bird that it is ready to unite for days. The way it shows is that it sits on the branch and extends its head back and waits motionless, lifting its tail up. When the male bird receives this message, the female bird emerges on its back and mating occurs. When the mating is over, the female bird flies away.

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