How Big Do Goldfish Get?

Aquarium fish can become quite large if fed under the right conditions. How Big Do Goldfish Get or how big can goldfish get .If you have always engraved aquarium fish as small, you will realize that it is not so after reading this article.We will talk about how much aquarium fish grow, what supplements you need to make them grow faster.

They are of the family Cyprinidae and have a variety of colors made them popular. As a matter of fact, it is seen that goldfish, which is a very durable fish species, lived up to 30 years if fed correctly. Aquarium conditions are very important for fast and long growth of goldfish. Thanks to proper feeding and aquarium conditions, goldfish live long and easily reach the desired mag.

With proper and timely nutrition, goldfish grow faster and become very healthy;

How big can goldfish get ,there is a very important issue that the people who feed they should know. They have no stomach! The more food you eat, the more he eats, the more he eats too much, the faster he will grow, the more he will send him to death. If you give too much feed with the idea that the goldfish will grow fast, give up your habit immediately, otherwise you cannot live it too long. Because; If the fish cannot grind what they eat, it can cause serious problems such as constipation and swelling, and if these problems are not coped, they will go to the death of them.

Golden rule: If you want ıt to grow healthier and faster, first give fresh vegetables and fruit, then soak the prepared feeds first, then throw them into the fish. This method will facilitate the digestion of the food. To learn more about aquarium fish, we recommend reading How Long Can Goldfish Live.

How Big Can Goldfish Get ?

It is a large breed of fish. When they reach full adulthood, these fish can reach up to 12-15 inc in length and weights up to 2.3 lb. Therefore, the aquarium you feed is one of the biggest reasons that affect the growth of these fish. Although the growth of it varies depending on the species and the environment in which you live, your fish can grow between 5 and 10 inc at the end of 2 years. If you keep your fish in small jars or aquariums, it will grow again, but their growth rate will be very slow.

Proper conditions and proper nutrition are directly proportional to the growth rate of goldfish. A goldfish can grow up to 3 times its size in the first year. At least 1 year old goldfish should be up to 3-5 inc. It is observed in fish growing up to 5-7 incdepending on the species. Many types of goldfish do not ripen and color until age 1. He’s not even an adult until he’s 2-3. Goldfish offspring naturally change color to protect themselves from predators that may be found around them, but after 1 year old, they turn golden or orange. They can then continue to become brighter or darker because environmental factors strongly influence the color of the goldfish.

how big can goldfish get

How should the goldfish grow in its aquarium for  rapid growth?

In order for Goldfish to live in a healthy environment, the aquarium must be compared to the natural habitat of the goldfish. It should not be confined to narrow spaces such as lanterns.  Aquarium water temperature is very important: The temperature of the aquarium water should be 64,4 F to 75,2 F on average.

The pH of the water should be between 42,8 F-46.4 F. In the USA, water values are sufficient for goldfish, but should rest for at least 3-4 days before they are added to the aquarium, after which the fish should be included in the aquarium.Other fish to be placed in the same aquarium as the Goldfish should not be too small or too large than the goldfish. They will attempt to eat fish that are too small. Fish that are larger than themselves can eat the long tail of the goldfish.

How big do feeder goldfish get?

How big goldfish do feeeder goldfish get? Goldfish lie at the bottom of the aquarium for the first 2-3 days of hatching and do not need to eat, when they start swimming freely in the aquarium, then you can start feeding. Important! Since they are very small, they should not be given from ready-made ıt feeds in the first days.

We advise you to give them some boiled solid chicken egg yolk, preferably a bean-sized piece. Fry Goldfish can start giving artemia when they are 10 days old. Artemia is quite good food for fry fish. artemia will help to trigger the growth hormones necessary for the first development of your juvenile fish and, thanks to this robust structure, will be the basis for their healthy life and development. Once dry feed is given, you can end the artemia delivery process.

Decoration in goldfish aquariums should be simple. Thick-leaved plants should be preferred as live plants. Otherwise, the plants will be eaten by the goldfish. Examples of thick-leaved live plants that can be added to the goldfish aquarium; Anubias, Saz and Crypto. The material to be used on the bottom of the aquarium should be selected from small granular materials such as mussel fracture or quartz.

Aquarium should be natural

It draws some sand in its mouth while looking for food at the bottom. Therefore, if coarse-grained material is present at the base, the result will result in the death of the goldfish. Throwing substances such as marbles and coins into the aquarium will poison the fish by swallowing these substances or releasing these substances in water. Remember to pay attention to these issues for your fish.

It has both a carnivorous and herbivorous diet. Therefore, both groups should be used when feeding. Once or twice a month you can boil vegetables such as peas . Other day  spinach and give them to your fish in small pieces. This change prevents the fish from getting stressed and keeps them in shape.

For the filtration of the aquarium, the use of internal motors capable of converting the entire. Aquarium water and the use of external motors in large aquariums will be beneficial.
In a natural and healthy fish aquarium, it is possible to take offspring if the fish are grown.

The gender discrimination of it is quite difficult. Only during the breeding time, the gills of male fish form bubble-like structures. They pour flat eggs. Depending on the water conditions, hatchlings hatch within a week. During this process, other it should be taken to a separate aquarium.

It is an ornamental fish of economic value. When you go to the aquarium, you will see that most They are on sale. If you have decided to feed this noble fish, feed it under the best conditions so that it will give you real happiness.


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