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Facts about the Siberian Hamster

Siberian hamster, which has a life span of 12 months in nature, can live

Popular Hamster Breeds

There are many different hamster breeds and, as anyone who has looked at hamster

Caring For An Albino Hamster

If you are thinking about getting an unusual looking hamster, consider an albino hamster.

All You Need to Know About Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy bear hamsters are a long-haired variety which is native in Syria. In nature,

Where Do Hamsters Come From ?

Where are hamsters from ? Where do hamsters come from ? They are tiny and

Lifespan Of A Fancy Bear Hamster

If you are taking it for your little child, you should definitely take the

Where Do Hamsters Live ?

Small and cute souls with four fingers on the front paws and five fingers