Popular Hamster Breeds

There are many different hamster breeds and, as anyone who has looked at hamster can tell you, they vary in coat, colors and size.  For many people, hamsters are a great first pet. They help children learn the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. These tiny creatures really do make great pets, not just for children, but for many adults as well. Below is a bit of information about some of the most popular hamster breeds.

Syrian (Teddy Bear Hamster)

Syrian hamsters are more often labeled Teddy Bear hamsters when being sold in pet stores. That name really does fit them well. They’re the most common type of hamster most people keep as pets. One reason for that is the fact that they are pretty easy to handle. Even children will usually be able to interact with Syrian hamsters.  It is important to note that these hamsters need to be kept alone. If they are kept in a cage with another hamster, it is not uncommon for them to fight until the death.

They grow to a length of between four and seven inches and usually live around two years.

Dwarf Campbell Russian

Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters may not be the best bet for children as they tend to get a bit skittish when being handled. While their bite is fairly harmless, they will nip when they feel afraid. That does not mean that this hamster should not be a pet, but they must be handled with care, especially until they get to know you.

This is a good choice if you would like to keep more than one hamster in the cage. It is fine to keep same sex pairs in one cage as long as the pair is introduced when young. This is a small hamster that only grows to about four inches and lives about two years.

hamster breeds

Roborovski Dwarf

The Roborovski Dwarf is among the longest living of hamster breeds. Unlike most breeds that live only two years, this breed is known to commonly live up to three and half years. They are also among the smallest hamsters, reaching a maximum length of only about two inches.

While they are friendly and are not prone to nipping, handling them can be a bit tricky. The reason for that is the fact that they are so tiny and they are also very agile. This makes losing your pet Roborovski hamster very easy. Only handle them in a place where you will be able to find and retrieve them should they slip from your grasp.

They don’t like coming to you. This is the most important reason why it is less preferred than Syrian Hamsters. However, contrary to this situation, the maintenance is quite enjoyable.

Hamster Breeds – Chinese

Chinese are among the hamster breeds that do best when kept solitary in cages. They tend to be aggressive towards other hamsters housed with them. Hamsters are not, however, usually aggressive towards people and they bite only rarely. They grow to about four inches and live about two years.

Many hamster breeds make wonderful pets for both children and adults. It is important to learn all about their proper care including feeding, grooming and cage care, before bringing one home. Cage cleaning should be done at least once a week. A few centimeters thick straw and sawdust should be placed on the base of the cage. These materials will both cut off their contact with feces and destroy the motive of matching.

While the hamsters themselves may not require much work, it does take a bit of time to keep the cage clean. You will probably find that little investment of time to be worth it when you see how much fun these little creatures can be.

A Quick Guide to Panda Hamster Breeds

Panda hamsters are one of the most adorable of the hamster species; they are related to the Syrian hamster. This breed of hamster got its name because of how much it resembles a Panda bear with its white body and black spots.

In some ways the Panda hamsters are different than most other types of hamsters; this breed prefers to live alone in its cage, plus they do not do well if they are handled too much. Due to the nature of these hamsters if you place them with other hamsters in the same cage they will display some aggression. For this reason if you own more than one of these Panda hamsters you will want to ensure that they each have a separate cage.

When cared for properly the Panda hamster can live up to three years. Although you may not be able to handle this breed of hamster as much as you could other breeds. They are still one of the most enjoyable hamsters to have as pet.

Care For Panda Hamster

The Panda hamsters require the same type of care as most other hamsters; you will need a high quality hamster cage, as well as hamster accessories. Some of the accessories that you will need include a hamster wheel so that your pet can get enough exercise, plus you will need hamster toys.

Panda hamsters are nocturnal so much of their waking hours will be during the night. To ensure that your hamster has a comfortable place to rest when he or she does sleep you will want to be sure that you have some good hamster bedding in the cage. Although you will have to clean your hamster’s cage on a regular basis.

When you do have to handle your hamster you’ll want to be sure that you know how to do so properly. To pick up your hamster you’ll have to move slowly and hold the animal gently. Do some research before buying this type of pet to make sure that you know how to handle this animal. As they do take a little more patience than other types of hamsters.

If you plan to give a Panda hamster to a child you will have to take some time to ensure that they are properly trained to care for their new pet, as well as how they should handle him or her. Having any pet is a big responsibility and you’ll want to know that your child can properly care for their new pet.

Choose a panda hamster

When and if you decide to get a pet Panda hamster, you will want to choose your pet carefully. Look over your choices and find a Panda hamster that seems alert, and appears to be healthy. Although Panda hamsters are naturally shy creatures, you don’t want one that is too skittish. When buying your hamster at a pet shop ask about their policy for getting your money back if you hamster dies shortly after brining him or her home; sometimes hamsters may already be sick when you buy them.

If you find that you are a busy person then Panda hamsters may be the perfect pets for you; they are very low maintenance, plus they don’t require a lot of attention. In addition to being an easy pet to care for, there is no denying how adorable these little animals are. For animal lovers the Panda hamster is a great pet. They are fun to watch and care for, but yet they take so little of your time.

As long as you care for your pet properly, your Panda hamster should bring you years of enjoyment.

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