Grooming at the Pomsky

The Pomsky has what is known as a double skin. Twice a year the dog changes coat and sheds its fluffy undercoat. However, if you brush the Pomsky a few times a week and blow the fur through, you can reduce hair loss.

The Huskarian can be bathed or taken to the dog hairdresser to control hair loss. Scissors are also possible. However, since the fur protects the Pomsky from cold and heat, it must not be shaved.

Character of Pomsky

The Pomerian Husky ideally combines the character traits of its canine ancestors: intelligent and loyal like the Husky and at the same time active and happy like the Pomeranian.


He is usually playful and bright, yet intelligent, active and strong-willed. Due to his husky genes, he has great stamina and is therefore more suitable for active people. The Pomsky loves long walks and demands activity for most of the day.

The dwarf spitz inherits his strong protective instinct from the Pomsky, but also his cheekiness. This makes the dog quite impatient. Even if a large portion of friendliness and calm can appear in his character due to his husky genes, he is rather not suitable for small children. Since the Pomsky is a new hybrid breed, its character traits are still differently pronounced. A consolidation of the being will only take place in the coming generations.

Pomsky Full Grown

The Pomsky dog ​​is a small to medium-sized dog, between the size of the Pomeranian and Siberian shepherd’s parents. Race standards vary in size as they are not clear, but an adult Pomsky full grown is not expected to weigh more than 30 pounds (about 15 kilos.) The length of the full grown Pomsky is 13 to 18 inches. ( )

The Pomsky is descended from the Husky, but is easy to train and train compared to the Husky. He inherited the desire to please from the small peaks. The Minihusky is attentive, curious and actively interested in everything new. At the same time, this means that he can quickly acquire bad habits. A Pomsky is cute, but not a pet dog. He needs a strong hand that encourages and challenges him.

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