Goldfish water temperature ?

There are very simple responsibilities to make your goldfish have a healthier and happier life. One of them is goldfish water temperature.Since they continue their lives in the aquarium, the degree of water is very important for them. They cannot eat even under 57.2 F. If the meter measures f in the aquarium, you can see how much the degree increases or decreases. Over 75.2 F may be too hot for them.

The most important consideration is to avoid sudden temperature changes. The temperature should be at most 1-2 degrees per day. Otherwise, fish deaths may occur. To answer your other question, change the aquarium water once a week by 20-25%. In this way, your water is cleaned and the amount of oxygen in the water is increased. The water you added should be rested and clean. The rested water is purified from chlorine. To avoid shock, the added water temperature must be the same as for aquarium water.

What is the best temperature for goldfish?

The best temperature for gold fish is 64.4 F. If the temperature is below or above this temperature, you can adjust goldfish water temperature. If you feed your goldfish in a tank, you should buy it an aquarium. Because the goldfish in the tank die soon.

It is very difficult to keep the water clean in the tank. Goldfish  water temperature is important  for water cleaning. No matter how much water change, ammonia concentration in water cannot be kept under control. As a result, it is inevitable that when you feed your fish in the tank, they become ill and die in a short time. Therefore, a large aquarium is needed.

When cleaning the aquarium, do not drain the water completely and try to complete the cleaning without taking the fish inside so that the temperature of the water does not change suddenly and the fish do not go into shock.

The best Water temperature for goldfish tank

Water temperature for goldfish tank is the same for the tank, but we do not recommend feeding gold fish in the tank. Don’t forget to buy an aquarium for your fish to live a long life with you.The tank should not be round and the goldfish should be large in size for easier growth.1 Gold fish requires 19 gallons of water. To learn more about aquarium fish, we recommend reading How Big Do Goldfish Get.

You can buy a heater for the water temperature and use the thermometer to monitor the water temperature.When using a thermometer or heater for an aquarium, do not use it without reading the instruction manual. If you put it in the water without understanding how the heater works, you can heat the water too much and endanger the fish. You should use it in the aquarium by learning and trying out how the heater works without risking the lives of six fish. Heater should not be used without thermometer.

You must place the heater at the bottom of the aquarium to distribute the heat evenly.If there is gravel or sand at the bottom of the aquarium, you should place the heater in the pit area. If there is something in the room where the aquarium is operating, such as air conditioning or a heater, changes in aquarium temperature may occur. You should take precautions for this

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