Foods to Avoid When Pregnant: Tips for the 2nd Trimester

The 2nd trimester is truly a very special time both for you and for the new baby. The craving for food usually start with the 2nd trimester as the development of the baby take a high gear, making this the ideal time to make a decision about the foods to avoid during pregnancy and the ones that you should consume more of.

Probably probably the most thrilling thing about the 2nd trimester is usually that the gender of the baby has been confirmed, and even though there are lots of miscues surrounding types of food craving in relation to the prediction of the sex of your baby (for example if you have craving for starchy foods the baby is a boy! – and if the craving is sugary and sweet foods, then it is a girl!), the cravings is going to be there and you need to deal with it and manage it appropriately.

Because your child is developing his/her different body parts such as the toes and fingers …..etc , in addition to his or her eyelids, hair, nails and eyelashes, you will have to ensure that you are not consuming empty calories that will not help with their proper growth and development. Sugar is considered the most important food to avoid while pregnant, on the other hand protein is the most essential nutrient to add to your diet.

Your diet during pregnancy should be packed with protein and has less sugar!

This is usually one of the most difficult cravings to handle for most people. So how can you pack your diet with protein and reduce the sugar? Obviously you will need to intentionally restructure your diet so it can provide sufficient protein while at the same time be flexible enough and make space for some specific cravings

Amino acids – which come from protein – are extremely important for the development of your child’s teeth, hair, muscles and bone development during this period. The good news is that usually by the beginning of the 2nd trimester the nausea and vomiting experienced during 1st trimester will start to abate and you will be able to eat chicken and meat beef again. However, if your morning sickness still persist, then watch this video presentation to learn how to eliminate it naturally.

How to successfully reduce sugar in your pregnancy diet plan?

With regards to going sugarless, All you need to do is to make a few changes in your pregnancy diet plan.  Ofcourse, the change into sugarless diet may seem difficult at the begining if you used to have a diet which was heavy in sugar before difcovering you that you are pregnant. However, all you need is some strong will untill your sweet cravings and tongue tastebuds get in line with your new diet plan. It is possible to train the body to crave more healthy foods by feeding your cravings with a non-sugary treat.

For example, when you feel that you crave for sugary treats, you can take an apple with almond butter. bake an apple in the oven and drizzle it with honey and cinnamon when you are tempted by the chocklate bars in the line of checkout. You can also think of any other similar non-sugary treats that you like. Try it and you will discover how easy it is to manage your cravings and go sugarless.

Now you know which sweet foods to avoid when pregnant and how to manage your cravings for it.

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