Lifespan Of A Fancy Bear Hamster

If you are taking it for your little child, you should definitely take the fancy bear hamster. They are more docile and slightly more durable. campbells are a little aggressive and may cause trauma in young children.

Another issue is the distinction between male and female hamsters. I personally did not see a difference between the two, but in the literature it is claimed that female hamsters live on their own. The problem of getting a female hamster is the possibility of getting pregnant. It is not very easy to distinguish between male and female campbells. if the genital protrusion is close to the anus, the female is said to be distant. The huge testes of male Syrian hamsters make this distinction easier.

Hamsters are incredibly curious animals. I personally nurtured it, it was very nice and stands out with cleanliness. This is actually the main difference between the mouse. They want their cage to be clean as they are clean. It is so clean that if it makes its toilet in a corner, it will carry its food to the farthest corner. Even if his cage remains dirty, he will try to throw his toilet out. It is best to keep the cage absolutely clean and change the sub-material frequently.

About  A Fancy Bear Hamster İnformations

According to the European Union laws, the cage of fancy bear hamster should be at least 0.125 m2 and the height should be 30 cm. Because you have to get a big cage for the fancy bear hamster; they are larger than other hamsters.

You should put the cage in a wind-free place. They can withstand cold weather but; they can’t withstand the wind and die. Hamsters love daytime sleep so they may not want to stand in a very sunny place.  Click here for information about Hamster natural habitat.

Fancy bear hamsters are large, I recommend you to take the ball wheel,since. He can have fun inside the wheel while you clean the cage. Fancy bear hamster is very active and likes to move at night, so you should choose wheels that don’t make much noise. It has a lifespan of 5 years, but if you take good care of it, it might.  Pls click here for Where do hamsters live ?

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