Facts about the Siberian Hamster

Siberian hamster, which has a life span of 12 months in nature, can live up to 2 years with good care in a cage. The adult body weight can be 30 g and 8 cm in length. It has a round oval-shaped body shape. His eyes were round in black. The Siberian hamster is an amazing little creature.  It is no wonder that this tiny rodent is becoming more and more popular as a pet, even though they are rarely found in pet stores.

There are many varieties of hamsters, although only a select few are sold and kept as pets.  Members of the rodent family, hamsters are warm blooded and nocturnal in nature.  They collect their food during the night, packing little fur lined pouches on either side of their face with the food they find in order to store it for future consumption.

Kept as pets, hamsters retain their nocturnal activity; sleeping throughout the majority of the day and playing through the night.  The most common hamsters are typically up to 14 inches in length, the largest of the species.  The smallest varieties are the dwarf hamsters, which are only around 2 or 3 inches in length.  Quickly growing in popularity as pets are one of these dwarf varieties, called the Siberian hamster.

This hamster, with its ability to move very fast, is still slower than the Roborovski hamster. Together with its good temperament, this feature makes it easier to handle it, so it is more preferred.

How Can I Find A Siberian Hamster ?

Most pets are of the Golden hamster variety, which are widely available in pet stores everywhere.   The Siberian is rarely found in these venues, and must be sought out and purchased through breeders.  Despite this inconvenience, this unique little creature has won the hearts of many hamster aficionados.  The most interesting trait that they display is their ability to change their appearance with the season.  Normally through the spring and summer, the small rodent is a dark bluish gray color, often displaying a darker gray to black streak running from the forehead to the tiny stump of a tail.

In the winter, however, their coat changes from the charcoal gray to a winter white; earning them the moniker of “Winter White” hamsters.  This characteristic was developed while the dwarf hamster was in the wild; a protective measure that kept predators from viewing them against the brilliant white of the snow.  When in captivity, the hamster’s transformation may be less likely to occur, as the trait is dictated by the change of light in shortening days.

As amazing as this chameleon like change is in itself, some varieties of the Siberian hamster have also undergone a mutation.  It was discovered in the late 1980’s that the Winter White transformed from solid white to a pure white coat laced with a thin line of black guard hairs that extended down the back, while the tiny upright ears became soft gray.

Winter White Pearl

The blended hues of the little hamster gave it the name of Winter White Pearl.  Around the same period, another mutation came about; a soft grayish blue coated Siberian had emerged through natural cross breeding and has subsequently become known as the Sapphire.  Breeders of the dwarf rodent have taken the mutation a step further; crossing the Sapphire with the Winter White Pearl and becoming known as the Sapphire Pearl.

The Siberian hamster exhibits friendly traits and social habits, making them excellent pets.  Care must be taken when handling these tiny rodents, however, as their diminutive size makes them more susceptible to injury through rough handling.   They would likely not be a good choice as a pet for a small child.  Two or more Siberians can be raised together in amiable companionship as they cohabitate very well.

When purchasing a cage and toys, it is important to remember the size of the hamster and buy the appropriate equipment. Its small size and adorable appearance are enough to garner these hamsters appeal as pets. But having the unique trait of changing the color of their coats makes them even more of a novelty.  Although they may be difficult to find, the Siberian hamster will make a delightful pet once you have obtained one of the tiny creatures.

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