Avoid Processed Foods During Pregnancy For The Sake Of Your Baby

You may find it very hard when you are trying to decide about what to eat during pregnancy. The information available on the internet is sometimes very contradicted and conflicting making it harder for you to know about the best pregnancy nutrition plan. It is certainly normal to feel overwhelmed with all the “must do” and ” must not do”! Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be complicated, as a matter of fact it can be very simple.

There are many different schools of thoughts on the diet during pregnancy and what is and what is not allowable for pregnant women, and that is probably the reason why you find conflicting information online sometimes. So to make things more simple and avoid all the hassles, you should focus on the basics and then decide for yourself about what to eat while pregnant.

The best diet during pregnancy is the natural diet

So here is the most basic fact that you need to know “The best diet during pregnancy is the natural diet”

If you would really like to give your baby the best chance at having a healthy weight at birth and lower their risk of becoming obese or having diabetes you should consume what I call “naked diet”. What I mean by the term “naked diet” is that you should avoid the processed foods as much as you possibly can.


You need to consume fresh foods, or the foods that are produced without hormones…. etc, because these are the best types of foods for both you and your unborn baby. So try to avoid the processed or frozen foods sections, and go more often to the fresh or produce sections in your grocery store. If you follow this basic principle with your diet during pregnancy, you will be able to eliminate most of the guesswork about what to eat when pregnant.

Here are some tips to help you with your shopping for food during pregnancy

  1. Try to avoid the foods that have lengthy expiration dates. Despite the fact that you may find it easier to store these types of foods for longer time and thus reduce the number of shopping trips, it is advisable that you avoid them because they contain a lot of preservatives to make them last for longer periods of time. Not to mention, that the nutritional value of these types of food is much less than that of the fresh ones.
  2. Read the labels. Even though the product packaging may sometimes say “natural”, it does not necessarily mean that it is not precessed. Believe it or not, you may actually find a big number of ingredients on that food item if you look at the labels. Keep in mind that the less the ingredients the more suitable is the food for you.

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