Caring For An Albino Hamster

If you are thinking about getting an unusual looking hamster, consider an albino hamster. The word albino means that the animal is completely white and the eyes are red. But these types of hamsters can also come in different sizes and have different fur lengths. For example, you can purchase a dwarf sized albino hamster and an angora golden hamster is known for having long soft hair.

Hamsters make great pets for people who do not have enough room for a bigger animal. They are also good starter pets for children. They don’t need much room to grow and thrive and they are happy and friendly animals. Hamsters have a life span of around 3 years and they vary in size. The largest hamster is called a giant hamster and it can reach a full 12 inches long. The medium sized hamster can reach up to 6 inches long and the dwarf hamster only reaches 4 inches long at maturity.

Albino Hamster For Care

An albino hamster does not need any special care. But there are a few good ideas for keeping these animals safe and healthy. Before you purchase a hamster, you can choose the type you would like and pick out just one. When you group these creatures together they will usually fight.

Unlike other small creatures who live in a cage, the hamster can be comfortable almost anywhere. They thrive in an aquarium or cage. They do not need any type of heat light or lamp and they require little care. If you are going to be using a wire meshed cage, make sure that the animal is unable to chew through the wire and escape. The wire should be very strong and you should also have a strong wire mesh lid for the top of the cage. The lid should snap firmly on the top as a cover, so that the hamster cannot escape by climbing out of the cage.

When you purchase your hamster you can also get tubing or an exercise wheel for the animal. Hamsters love activity, so you can place as many activity related toys in the cage as possible. Keep in mind that the hamster can chew through most plastic, so avoid using plastic toys.

Use bedding to line the bottom of the hamster cage. You can use shredded newspaper or purchase hamster bedding at the pet store. Hamsters like to borrow underneath the bedding, so add around 2 to 3 inches of it. Cedar wood chips were once thought to be a good hamster bedding but we now know that they can cause respiratory illness in these animals. So never use cedar or any other type of scented bedding.

When it comes to feeding an albino hamster, you can purchase regular hamster pellets at your local pet store. Do not give these animals any snacks more than a few times a week. Acceptable snacks are tiny bits of fruits or vegetables. A good example of a healthy treat would be 2 raisins. Hamsters should never be over fed. This is bad for overall health and the hamster may have a shorter life span if it eats foods high in fat and calories. Place the hamster food in a small dish on the bottom of the cage.

You will need a special water bottle for the hamster. It hangs on the side of the cage and the hamster must reach up to get a drink. Using a bowl for water does not work in a hamster cage. The animal will walk through it and this makes for a messy and wet cage. On occasions, you can fill the water bottle with fresh milk. This is very healthy for the growing animal. But keep an eye on the milk and make sure that it does not sour.

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