Can Dogs Eat Apples ?

We want our dog to spend a healthy and long life with us. What dogs should eat for a healthy diet ? Can dogs eat apples ? The apple is a valuable fruit for people because it contains too many vitamins and protects our body against diseases. Apple is very healthy and delicious for us, is a fruit so our cute friend; can dogs eat apples?

It is the same for dogs as some people like apples and others like bananas. Not every animal and every dog has the same taste. Some dogs love apples, others love carrots. Some don’t like them both. Therefore, it is not correct to give a clear answer to this question that animal owners are curious about. In fact, there is a much more important question than whether dogs love apples; “Can dogs eat apple?”

Dogs Eat Apples

I can eat one kg of apple a day but; consuming too much fruit is not healthy and how many pieces should my dog eat? We like to give our dog rare dishes such as cheese yogurt home food or fruit.This is a good way to train them, strengthen your communications, or reward them. It is important to remember that you should only do this once in a while, especially with foods that are low in fat, salt and sugar.An adult dog needs only 300-400 grams of food per day, so if we give too much nutritionally unbalanced food, our dog will consume less than his own food and will not be able to get all the essential vitamins and minerals he needs.

Also by gaining excess weight, you will be more likely to encounter different health problems. There is no harm in giving cheese in small pieces, but only occasionally. In rare cases, some dogs may be reluctant and susceptible to dairy products, which, of course, should be avoided if your dog becomes diarrhea or sick after eating foods containing dairy products. Finding organic fruits and vegetables is now very difficult.

If there are trees in our garden, we are very lucky and we can eat lots of fruit and feed them to our dog.Zoo officials in Australia’s second-most populous city, Melbourne, had to ban animals from fruit. Zoo officials said that the conditions for growing fruits are not natural. Animals, excessive sugar has become unhealthy weight due to consumption of fruit has been expressed.

Are Apples Good For Dogs ?

Apples for dogs are a very healthy fruit .Are apples good for dogs? Yes , apples are good for dogs.Dogs can eat apples and give him one apple a day. Remove the peels and seeds from the apple before giving the apple. Apple, cherry, plum, pear and apricot kernels have a kind of toxic acid called cyanogenic acid. If consumed in small quantities, this substance does not harm, and has the potential to kill you if taken in large quantities. Even swallowing these seeds can chew even when it is harmful. It is recommended that you be very careful when giving it to your children, especially since children can eat the seeds of these fruits without knowing it.

Our dear friends sometimes don’t want to eat mama. It’s very normal that you shouldn’t try to feed her by hand because she doesn’t want to eat. It doesn’t matter whether you eat food or fruit. When we skip the lunch just after lunch, the more hungry a dog can become, the more hungry it is in 3 days. In addition, dogs eat a little food or similar chew, chew directly, swallow. First of all, dogs are creatures that eat 1 meal every 24 hours. All digestive systems and nutritional metabolisms are appropriate.

Dogs eat apples. Apple is a delicious snack for dogs and you should give it after eating. If you want to give your dog healthy and delicious prizes or foods like apples, you can make yourself at home. Do not feed your dog uncooked meat or food; uncooked food can harm their health and uncooked meat can turn your dog into a wild. If your dog loves apples, you can make him applesauce.

Is Applesauce Good For You ?

Applesauce for dogs is a great reward . Very easy to prepare apple sauce. If your dog has constipation problems and he doesn’t like to eat apples, you can make him apple sauce.

Apple sauce is a very important meal for dogs that are delicate and neglected. Apples are an appetizing fruit.

Sugar is used when making apple sauce; We need to do without sugar because dogs have little insulin resistance. Peel and remove apples. Then cut into slices and cook for minutes.No matter how many apples you want to make, you should offer your dog a few spoons a day.After the apples are cooked, crush them with a fork and allow to cool. You can add peanut butter into the apple sauce.

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