Are Bananas Good For You ?

Your dog may see you eating a banana and he might want to eat a banana too but you can ask him ” Are Bananas Good For You ? ” If your dog is balanced with a good quality food, there is no need for additional foods but; fruits and vegetables can be used as both healthy and low-calorie snacks and reward. If you want to put aside reward foods, you can start rewarding them with fruit and vegetables.

Our dog’s health is very important to us.  Dogs love to eat bananas. Again ask him Are Bananas Good For You? Banana is a very useful snack for dogs.  If your dog is not allergic, you can give the banana peel in pieces or puree after peeling. If you do not have dog food; you can give him rice, carrots, bananas, meat products, fish, lettuce and spinach.

If you don’t have bananas you can give strawberries or oranges.The food is ideal for orange dogs, provided it is not exaggerated. However, it may cause stomach discomfort in some dogs. For this reason, it is recommended to give controlled administration when given for the first time.  It’s a nice fruit for your dog. It is a good dietary supplement with low calorie, antioxidant and high fiber content. It is best to chop the strawberries into small pieces while serving your dog. How much potassium is in banana?

Are Bananas Safe For Dogs?

A high source of potassium and carbohydrates can also be a nice reward food for dogs to give just a slice of banana. Banana is an ideal solution for dogs with constipation problems. However, when bananas are eaten too much, you should be careful as there may be side effects on the digestive system.

If you are sure that your dog is not allergic to bananas, if your veterinarian gives your consent, observe changes in the gastrointestinal tract after your dog eats bananas. Your dog may not be allergic, but bananas can make him sick. Regardless of whether you give your veterinary surgeon approval, we recommend that you do not use any nutrients we recommend as useful snacks, regardless of the amount of nutrients we recommend.

Benefits of bananas for dogs ;

  • In addition to B6 and C vitamins, bananas are full of amino acids, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and minerals.
  • Provides energy to your dog all day long
  • It is good for muscle and bone structure. Reduces spasms.

Food harmful to your dog

There are also foods to keep your dog away, no matter what the circumstances. Chocolate and sugar are among them. If your dog eats chocolate, you may get Pancreatitis. This may cause short or long-term discomfort. Bitter chocolates, the healthiest chocolate variety for humans, are the most dangerous for dogs. In addition to chocolate, all kinds of sweet food, garlic and onion-containing foods for the health of your lovely friend keep it away. Even if it is beneficial for people, it will be beneficial to keep foods such as almond and celery away. Bananas are very healthy food for dogs but ; a slice of banana is enough for dogs. If they eat more bananas, they are constipated.Click here if you want to know how much potassium in a banana.

Dogs and bananas are very good friends…

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