Are Bananas Bad For Dogs? Dog Owners Here!

Banana is a very useful food for people but; are bananas bad for dogs? They can eat it . Because ; bananas are very healthy food for our friendly dogs but If your dog is allergic to bananas, banana is bad for him. Bananas are a rich source of protein, potassium, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. There is zero fat and cholesterol as well as sodium. Impressive nutrient contents include vitamins C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid and niacin, and trace amounts of other vitamins. Can dog eat banana?  Best friend dog can eat a slice of banana, and if you give him more bananas, he may be constipated.

Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems in dogs and can affect dogs of any age, gender and race. Do not underestimate constipation as it is a common problem in dogs. Take your friend to the vet before your friend has bigger problems.

Bananas are very low-calorie foods and are therefore one of the most suitable fruits to share with dogs. It also has a great advantage for your dog with high aspects of potassium, biotin and copper. However, serve bananas to your dog only as snacks during treatment or once a month, and never make bananas a normal fruit.

Can you eat banana peels ?

Are bananas bad for dogs? Banana peel is harmful to dogs. So when you give your dog a banana peel and give it in small pieces. If you eat the banana without peeling the peel, the banana can cause serious digestive problems.In order to feed our dogs well and healthy, we need to have information about their digestive systems and feeding habits in the first place.

People In ancient times, dogs’ hunting habits were intended to make the dogs digestive system carnivorous.It has become common for our dear friends to become domesticated and to eat their home-cooked meals for living. As a result, their eating habits have changed and we now accept them as semi-carnivors and form their rations accordingly.

Today, dry food, which is a practical and hygienic way of feeding our dogs, is found in veterinary clinics, pets shops and markets. For our dogs healthy and balanced dry food seems to be the easiest way to feed our dogs healthy and balanced. However, dry foods also have quality classifications among themselves. Raw materials of good quality and balanced food are obtained from real sources and are only allowed to be stored and sold under the supervision of a veterinarian. Therefore, when we aim to feed our dog with a good quality dry food, the right address should be the points that contain the veterinarian. In short ; bananas for dogs very safely food.

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