Are Apples Bad For Dogs?

Apple is a healthy source of food for us and is cheap. What about our dear friends? Are apples bad for dogs ? They eat apples and getting them is a great reward food. Apples for dogs,can be both good and bad. Before mentioning the role of fruits in pet feeding, let us note that the bodies of dogs are very different from humans. Thanks to this difference, they also digest nutrients in a different way. This is why it is important to keep the amount of fruit given to them under control. Fruits contain too much sugar than the digestive system of dogs can digest.

Are Apples Bad For Dogs?

Apple seeds contain amygdalin. Amygdalin is a cyanogenic glycoside, a cyanide compound that can be fatal to humans. The substance amygdalin reacts with the enzyme beta-glucosidase in the body and forms the hydrogen cyanide substance (HCN), which is toxic to humans. Exposure to hydrogen cyanide has been associated with asphyxia and death. Hydrogen cyanide is known to cause systemic intoxication, often leading to serious cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Nausea, drowsiness and headaches are the most common side effects of exposure to hydrogen cyanid

They may love apples and so may want to eat. Too many apples for your friend cause  illness. After peeling the apple and give your dog slice. If your dog is constipated, you can feed him an apple, which is a fruit that is very good for constipation.  Apple Helps Treat Diabetes The pectin in the apple reduces the need by supplying the galacturonic acid that the body needs for insulin production. So dogs can eat apples because they have little resistance to sugar.

How should we eat the apple?

  • Seeds of apples can be toxic (poison) if eaten in large quantities.
  • Apple bark is very useful to eat, but unfortunately, apples, pesticides used in the harmful substances (pesticides) is one of the most host fruits. When the apple is sprayed, these harmful substances can be absorbed by the apple and accumulate mostly in the shell. You might want to peel it off.
  • The apples you buy must be hard. Check whether you dent by pressing on it with your finger. Do not buy if it easily migrates.
  •  Store apples in the refrigerator because apples are rotting very quickly.


Can Dogs Have Applesauce ?

If your dog doesn’t like to eat apples, you can give him an applesauce. Apple sauce recipe; Peel the apples, remove the seeds and chop them. Add another glass of water and cook for another half hour. If you like, you can add peanuts later and help your dog like the apple.

You can store your apple sauce in the refrigerator for 3 weeks.

Apples for dogs are very important fruit.In a study, eating 100 grams of apple per day shows the same antioxidant effect as taking 1500 mg of vitamin C per day. Helps digestion, relieves constipation. It is beneficial for people with gastrointestinal disorders to eat an apple before meals.

Try to feed the dog, even if he doesn’t like him, but don’t force him.If he doesn’t like apples, you might want to feed him banana. After consulting the vet, if your dog loves apples, you can feed him an apple every day.

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